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Licensed Trade - Case Studies

Working with licensed trade accountancy specialists at an early stage can help secure later success.

With initial work undertaken even before the client had taken up the reins of their lease, the 'Prince of Wales' is certainly a good example of how working with SGW from an early stage can prove beneficial.

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About Us

SGW Accountancy Services Ltd has flourished in no small part through our recognition of a niche in the market for a small and medium sized business friendly accountancy service – an approach that continues notwithstanding the business' incorporation in April 2005 and our merger with Addstock in August 2010.

The merger means that we now have over 25 years’ experience in wet and dry stock-taking for the licensed trade, as well as a fellowship of the Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors. We also use the most advanced stock-taking software on the market guaranteeing accuracy and relevance to today’s needs, particularly where line-by-line variances are concerned.