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Licensed Trade - Case Studies

Working with licensed trade accountancy specialists at an early stage can help secure later success.

With initial work undertaken even before the client had taken up the reins of their lease, the 'Prince of Wales' is certainly a good example of how working with SGW from an early stage can prove beneficial.

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A responsible approach

Since our inception in 2003, SGW Accountancy Services Ltd has focused on the provision of tax affairs support, business and personal accountancy services, book-keeping, preparation of VAT returns, payroll services, cash flow forecasts, business plan formation and business start-up support (including registration and preparation of paperwork) for clients in the South and South East ranging from public houses to businesses operating in the construction industry.

We have done this with the objective of providing legally responsible support. This means that we will, for example, under the provisions of 2007 Money Laundering regulations, verify our existing and prospective clients' identities. We are also obliged to hold and maintain a Data Protection Licence and to report under law any suspicious activity to the Serious Organised Crimes Agency.

Similarly, with our tax affairs support service, our aim is to ensure that the client pays the right tax.  This is how we are careful to present ourselves, rather than making inaccurate claims about tax 'savings'. That said, we do, of course, provide tax haven advice – but always with an eye on meeting legal requirements.

We are proud of our ethical approach.  It means that you can be confident of our proper conduct in managing the services we provide for you.