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Licensed Trade - Case Studies

Working with licensed trade accountancy specialists at an early stage can help secure later success.

With initial work undertaken even before the client had taken up the reins of their lease, the 'Prince of Wales' is certainly a good example of how working with SGW from an early stage can prove beneficial.

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Why use us

In a business world dominated by extensive legislation and guidelines, the services of a professional accountant are needed as much by small to medium sized enterprises as they are by much larger companies.

Engaging a professional service can, however, be a daunting proposition for business owners and the accountancy profession's reputation has done little to diminish this apprehension. Often perceived as stuffy and unapproachable, expensive and with a 'grim reaper' image, large accountancy firms have damaged their standing in the small and medium-sized business community still further with initiatives that have culled less profitable clients or those for whom their services would not meet the minimum client fee.

The profession has also been devalued and in some cases tarnished by so-called 'internet accountants' who offer a reduction in fees if liaison with a client can be conducted over the internet.  In this scenario, the client scans all documents and submits them over the internet. However, although the internet accountant can produce, for example, a VAT return and annual accounts, there is no personal touch and no facility to provide the advice often needed by small businesses.  There is also room for error.

Stuart Whitehouse, SGW Accountancy's founder, has long understood the dynamics of the accountancy market-place and recognised a niche in the market for a more small and medium sized business friendly accountancy service. Our business ethos includes:

  • our approachability and year-round availability
  • a realistic approach to fees that does not, for example, leave clients with the perception that even a simple call-back will cost a fortune
  • a clarity of communication born of a desire for clients to understand their business' financials and not be left baffled by technicalities and jargon.

These elements remain the basic tenets of SGW Accountancy Services Ltd's approach and are enjoyed by over 200 clients.

We look forward to you joining them.